Klaas Schoone Memorial
A tribute to the man who, in his trade, was fully dedicated to innovation, culture and the technical aspects of orchids.
His commitment was nationally and internationally invaluable. The award can be granted to either a person, a group, an organisation or a product.

The initiative
The initiative is underwritten by the Schoone family, Floricultura, and the Advisory Board.

The objective
Products and individuals as well as organisations worldwide from the orchid trade may qualify for this award. That may be for great merit, major added value, a product that stands out, innovation and/or innovations in growing methods.

The Award
The international award is presented biannually and it comes with € 10,000 in cash. The award will be presented in the Netherlands during the Flower Trials in June.

The Organisation
The Advisory Board is responsible for realisation and the secretariat.
This Board consists of Messrs. G. de Wagt, H. Bart, J.H. Post and E. Meeuwissen.
Nominations for the KSM Award will be treated confidentially. The jury decision is binding regarding granting and criteria as well as in the event of disputes.