Klaas Schoone Memorial Award 2017

For the third time, the Advisory Board invites the international orchid business to nominate:
persons and/or organisation, new varieties,
marketing concepts, business strategies and innovations in growing methods,
for the Klaas Schoone Memorial Award 2017.
This high distinction is a posthumous tribute to Klaas Schoone,an exemplary orchid grower who, during his short life, opened up many new roads in the field of range, cultivation and technology.

The orchid business is a beautiful trade with many aspects. Like no other, Klaas Schoone understood that beautiful things are here to share. Klaas was not just someone with a passion for his trade, but also a man of openness. He liked to share recently acquired knowledge with his peers.

Beautiful things below the surface
Nominations for the KSM Award are open to the orchid trade in the widest sense. The KSM Award is for breeders, propagators, growers, for new varieties, for groups of people who have developed a business plan or marketing strategy, also for researchers who are breaking new ground in the field of things like sustainable growing methods. Many beautiful things are often hidden below the surface and it would be nice if the KSM Award could bring those out into the open. The first award has proved that to be true.

Expert Jury
The assessment is made by an impartial, expert jury led by an independent jury chairman.
The jury findings are recorded in a detailed jury report.

Candidates may be nominated until 31 December 2016 through the website or through the Secretariat. You can also contact for any further information.
Would you help us find someone who can raise the orchid business to a higher level?
The KSM Award is an excellent way to do that.